iPhone 5 Cases

So you bought your new iPhone 5, it's time to buy a new iPhone case to protect your iPhone, but would the change in size of the iPhone 5 also changes your criteria of choosing a different type of case cover that more suitable for iPhone 5?

Flip Style iPhone 5 Cases

The Vertical Flip Style Case for iPhone 5 will have a longer flip cover, but for those who love to have the iPhone screen covered and to have their cards storing inside the flip cover may still love to keep the flip style case for daily convenience. Horizontal Flip Style case for iPhone 5 (book style) would also be a good option if you like the flip style.

Snap-on iPhone 5 Cases

For those seriously want a quick access to their iPhone 5, without having to flip the cover over may like to consider the snap on case, it is a iPhone case that generally covers the back and the sides of the iPhone, plus a add-on a screen protector your iPhone is almost 100% covered from scratch and dust.  However when getting into shock resistant, Flip Style Case is still considered to have a better protection for your iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Hard Case vs Soft Cases

If you wish have both shock resistant and easy access to your iPhone 5, I would suggest to look into a soft case cover which material is easy to grab on such as Silicon iPhone Case, Silicone is one of the very popular used material made of soft elastic rubber and is comparatively shock resistant than the hard plastic, easier to grip reduces the chances of accidently drop or slip off your iPhone 5, plus the shock resistant will be a bonus protection, but bear in mind the iPhone 5 LCD screen is still not protected from shock, this could be a reason for some also prefer buy a iPhone pouch bag to complete the protection.

Perfect iPhone 5 Cases

There maybe no single perfect iPhone case that satisfy all needs, keep a couple of iPhone 5 cases with you would be so far the best solution just in case to suits different conditions such as indoor, outdoor, casual, business, party ..etc  Not only to match your need accordingly, switching the design and colour of your iPhone 5 case from time to time help to keep your mind refresh and often delight your day.

Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui