October 13, 2022

September 30, 2016

Tempered Glass vs Plastic Film

If you're like me you probably drop your phone a lot. This leads to scratches, which interfere with visibility on your phone as well as ruining it's clean look. Even worse it can lead to cracks, which can grow and eventually make your phone unusable. Not only will you not be able to see anything on a phone full of cracks and scratches but your touch screen feature will be virtually useless. So, just in case, it's best to invest in a screen protector. However, should you go with plastic or tempered glass? Let's look at some pros and cons. View full article →
April 07, 2016

iPhone SE Case ›

Dress up iPhone SE

Apple’s iPhone SE is the perfect blend of powerful hardware and small, portable design. The only thing that could make the phone any better is a high-quality, stylish iPhone SE case. With many different design options to choose from, that’s exactly what you get from MYCASE. If you are looking for a new phone cover or case for your iPhone SE, here’s what you need to know about our products View full article →
September 14, 2014

iPhone 6 Pre-order successful, what about U?

Have pre-ordered iPhone 6 outside New Zealand, yes wish I could get it faster can't wait to see the real thing.
May 21, 2014

New L@@K

We are about to renew our website to a complete new look, if you have been our long term customer then you'll know we normally redesign our website every 1-2 years. We are looking forward and excited to this change, keeping you refresh as well as for us.  This project is expecting to complete in mid September, stay tuned!

March 11, 2014

iphone 6 ›

iPhone 6 Concept

Just came across this outstanding design concept of iPhone 6.  Is this what you expecting on the coming iPhone 6?


iPad Mini Cases

At MYCASE we now offer iPad Mini cases in addition to our offering of the classic iPad cases. When choosing an case cover for iPad Mini, there are a number of factors to consider, including the functional needs of the case, the color and fabric, the binding, and external features. There are iPad Mini cases available at all price points with all of these features; the trick for users is to spend time researching to find the right case.

Functional Needs 

IPad Mini cases come as sleeves, for example. Someone who purchases a sleeve iPad Mini case is simply looking for something to protect the outside and screen from being scratched or getting too dirty, which affects how well the touchscreen work. Sleeves are inexpensive and simple, and they work in many cases. There are additional functional uses for iPad Mini cases, however, that are better in other situations. Heavy-duty cases are rubberized and will protect the iPad Mini from falls or even banging the device against something. These cases work very well for small children or for people who may use their iPad Mini in a dangerous work environments.

One of the newer innovations in the world of tablet cases also is one of the most convenient. This case often is called a stand-up case. It covers the iPad Mini and closes well for easy portability, but the case can open with a small pull outs and that will allow the iPad Mini to be propped up. This type of functionality is amazing for people who play music, watch videos, or otherwise want to sit down and be able to see their device without touching it.

Color, Pattern, and Fabric

Early iPad cases were made of a faux leather material, which looks more businesslike for most white collar workers, but today's iPad cases come in a large variety of fabrics and colors. Some are soft leather while others may be made of a nylon type material. There are even cases that are made of softer cotton-like materials. The color options run the spectrum from classic black to leopard print and everything in between. When you are shopping for an iPad Mini case, which ex carries, you should be able to find a number of choices of color and pattern that speak to you.


Another factor to consider when purchasing an iPad Mini case is how the case binds together. When thinking about this part of the case, it is most important to consider how you will transport your iPad Mini. Some cases have only Velcro straps for binding while the most basic iPad Mini cases simply include elastic bands around the corners of the tablet and then close like a book. If you will keep your iPad Mini at home most of the time, then this type of binding is sufficient to protect it from basic daily used. If you intend to take your iPad Mini out of the house often, such as on public transportation during your commute or back and forth to school or work with you, look for a binding that provides a bit more protection. Zippered bindings obviously will keep the iPad Mini inside the case, but be sure to look for a zipper that is sturdy and will not break. Buttons, clasps, or a large number of tabs protecting the case can provide a bit more protection as well.

In addition to binding, consider if there are pockets or clasps on the outside of the iPad Mini case. Some cases come with external pockets that will allow you to put a pen, calculator, or other small device into the case. If you use your iPad Mini for work or school and often carry only the iPad Mini with you, definitely keep an eye out for an iPad Mini case that has one of these nifty  little pockets because they can make it easier to carry only one item out with you. The number of iPad Mini cases available on the market is staggering, and at LAX, we carry many of them in stock. Don't get overwhelmed. Take your time and do your research but be sure that you choose a case that will work for you.

November 04, 2013

iphone 5C case › iphone 5s case ›

Does colour matter?

Do you find yourself having trouble deciding what color phone you want?? The easy choice used to be Apple's iPhone. One color, no options, a great device that did not burden its consumers with the "color" question. Well unfortunately for some that is no longer the case. With the recent release of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C consumers of the popular devices now must make that dreaded color choice and be stuck with it for the length of their new contract. 

The early returns on the color choice statistics have revealed a surprising and remarkable trend. In a study performed by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) it has been discovered that the selection of the various color options is largely divided along gender lines. The results indicate that for the iPhone 5s men overwhelmingly choose the flat Gray color scheme while women were more likely to choose the silver option. Likewise with the iphone 5c men primarily choose the blue and white options while women snapped up the pink version wherever possible. The study also indicated that the gold variant was equally chosen amongst men and women. Unsurprisingly the least popular color was the bright yellow as its garish appearance looks like it belongs on a sports car rather than an electronic device.

Of course all this leads to another question which is, do the different color schemes help the overall customer experience? With associated with choosing a device that needs to be kept for two years before eligible for an upgrade, does the added choice of picking a color help or hinder the process? In addition we must wonder whether the color of the device even matters at all. Considering the increasing cost of these devices and others like it no one uses them without some sort of case to protect the device. The added protection of a case is absolutely essential and allows the device user to express their creativity and uniqueness in their choice of case. Most iPhone users are interested in having multiple cases and protective sleeves that can be fit to whatever situation they may be in at a given time. 

There are many types of cases for all different circumstances that can be used and this flexibility is what many users enjoy. One type of case gaining increasing popularity is theme cases from various movies and games as well as designer cases for those with more expensive taste. Some cases are intended for extreme environments with some even adding features to the phone such as water and dust proofing and extended hardiness for those that use their phones in harsh situations. This has been a particular bonus for those that work on construction sites and other work places where sensitive electronics could not be used. Some more recent developments in the case technology has also improve battery life with cases that have built in extra battery and solar charges. 

On the whole it is fairly obvious that in today's mobile device world the color of the phone really not as important as cases are used to not only improve style but even adds some features to the phones they cover, take a look at our line of cases and with a small investment customize your iPhone just as you like it. 

September 24, 2013

Hello iPhone 5S 5C

Apple’s latest releases, the iPhone 5S and 5C, have recently hit stores with impressive initial sale numbers. So what are they all about? We take a look here on some of the finer details of these two new smart-phones. The 5S is an upgrade over the previous iPhone 5 model, however the 5C is a new introduction into the iPhone range to provide a cheaper option for consumers with all the usual features you’d expect out of a smart-phone.

iPhone 5C – The Ins and Outs

Unlike previous iPhone models, the 5C will be completely made out of plastic and will come in a variety of different color options depending on taste (white, red, yellow, blue and green). The shell consists of a polycarbonate plastic, with an added steel frame for rigidity. It has a Facetime camera with increased pixel size for better low-light results and the same iSight camera that is featured in the iPhone 5.

The display is impressive, coming standard as a Retina 4inch with vibrant sRGB color and roomy wide-screen video (again similar to the iPhone 5’s). Overall the 5C looks and performs great, and for a cheaper price it might be the way to go if you’re spending on a budget.

The majority of the other features are standard for the iPhone line and don’t offer too much in the way of innovation, but given the success Apple has had with the iPhone it’s not too hard to see why.

The iPhone 5S

If you compared just the 5S’s looks to the older 5 it might be hard to see how they’re any different, but when you take a look inside you can really notice the improvements. One huge feature that Apple have marketed has been Touch ID, which is essentially a fingerprint scanner to be used as phone security so only you can get access to it – pretty cool.

In terms of power the 5S has some pretty substantial upgrades over previous revisions, with the A7 bringing impressive results and a 64-bit architecture. Although most applications won’t need this extra performance, it definitely helps with the new OS and with general speed while browsing.

Battery life is, as expected, very good. Standby especially has been improved significantly with battery efficiency, with on average just a 4-5% drop in usage overnight. During use however there is still definite room for improvement in this regard, especially with the use of some apps that are especially power-hungry (for example the Touch ID).

Onto the battery, and probably the most anticipated feature for this new model. The camera sensor has been pushed especially hard by Apple, coming in between the HTC One and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in terms of sharpness and low-light usability for a good balance. The UI is where it really comes into its own though, with easily switchable modes and a simple and clean outlook. Intelligent selection of shots by the iPhone will let you get what you want quickly with little fuss.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed by these new additions to Apple’s iPhone range, and for good reason. While the changes might not be ground-breaking in innovation and style, there’s really no reason to change a winning formula, and there are solid improvements where it counts, such as with features like the camera and Touch ID as well as general performance increases. 

August 21, 2013

iPhone 5C ›

iPhone 5C Cases

So there are rumors of iPhone 5C is coming out soon, if so, are you planning to get one?  I guess most of us would really depend on what new features will the iPhone 5C have compare with other smartphones out of the market.  Unlike 10 years ago, it is not a time that only we budget for a mobile phone, we also have consider buying some accessories. What sort of iPhone 5C accessories would you like to have with your iPhone 5C?  What about an iPhone 5C Case Cover? View full article →