Bought iPhone 5C:)

What about you?  Thought I would choose iPhone 5S, but after trying both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C spending almost an hour in the Apple Store, I ended up buying iPhone 5C. Here are some reasons.


Having high tech functions is not my priority list but instead I concern more of the outlook, iPhone 5C look totally different than iPhone 5 / 5S, even the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 look very similar shape, the 5C immediately catches my eyes and with a lot more colours to choose from other than just black & white in the old days.

I like more the plastic than the metal shell, it is a lot more comfortable and easier to grab, and because it is plastic, the shell does not generate as much heat as for iPhone 5S for using long hours.

Price although not my main concern, but it does matters. Since the price of iPhone 5C is cheaper than 5S & quality guaranteed from Apple as always, I think it's a great deal.

I'm expecting the next generation of iPhone 6 should be time to change to newer design, by that time the looking of iPhone 5S will be getting too bored.

When everyone rushing to buy iPhone 5S waiting for weeks, I rather try out the iPhone 5C at least I can walk from the store with a new phone:)

Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui