April 06, 2014

Ready for Easter?

Easter is just around the corner, SALES NOW ON to celebrate the season, so while enjoying the coming long weekend you may like to buy yourself and your beloved ones a lovely iPhone case as a gift giving your iPhone some extra protection as well as a fresh look.  From now on till Easter 21st April 2014 don't miss out this fabulous Easter Sale.


February 09, 2014

Valentine Day Sale!

Are you still looking for just the right present for that special someone on Valentine's Day? While flowers and chocolate are nice, they don't last and will be gone in a few days. Unlike those ethereal gifts, a decorative iPhone or iPad case is both fun and functional. Whereas those roses will be wilting before you know it, your best girl will think of you each time she takes out her tablet or her phone when you give her a case for her favorite electronic device. Plus, if your gift saves her from breaking the glass on her tablet and having to replace it, you'll be a super hero.

About our iPhone and iPad cases

We have hundreds of designs of impact-resistant iPhone and iPad cases from which to choose. You can opt for her favorite color, a pink or red case in honor of Valentine's Day, something fun like a red British phone booth or something edgy like a camo design. You can even personalize the case by adding her initials, her name or a short message, so every time she looks at her phone, she'll think of you.

We have cases to fit a number of devices,  including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 as well as iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air.  To make buying an iPhone or iPad case for Valentine's Day even easier, we're running a sale between now till February 14th. Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

Best Christmas Gift?

Christmas is almost here and one of the top gifts on many lists is a new iPhone, and while many will be excited about their gift, they will worry about damaging or scratching their new phone in the holiday rush. That is exactly why gifting a hand picked iPhone case is one of the best ways to show you care.

A select iPhone case is also a good way to highlight a person’s individuality, and our large variety of select cases is sure to include the perfect gift for that special person in your life, one that is as unique as the person you will be giving it to. But the holidays are upon us, and the Christmas shopping rush has already begun. This means that our inventory will soon run out and you may be left empty handed if you don’t act soon.

To ensure you can receive the gift you have so carefully chosen in a timely manner, we invite you to shop early, before our most popular models are gone, leaving you with a small selection to choose from. You should also take shipping times into account, as deliveries may be slower in the days prior to Christmas due to the large volume of packages the postal service has to move. To prevent all this, now is the best time to select the perfect iPhone case for those on your list.

October 21, 2013

Bought iPhone 5C:)

What about you?  Thought I would choose iPhone 5S, but after trying both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C spending almost an hour in the Apple Store, I ended up buying iPhone 5C. Here are some reasons.


Having high tech functions is not my priority list but instead I concern more of the outlook, iPhone 5C look totally different than iPhone 5 / 5S, even the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 look very similar shape, the 5C immediately catches my eyes and with a lot more colours to choose from other than just black & white in the old days.

I like more the plastic than the metal shell, it is a lot more comfortable and easier to grab, and because it is plastic, the shell does not generate as much heat as for iPhone 5S for using long hours.

Price although not my main concern, but it does matters. Since the price of iPhone 5C is cheaper than 5S & quality guaranteed from Apple as always, I think it's a great deal.

I'm expecting the next generation of iPhone 6 should be time to change to newer design, by that time the looking of iPhone 5S will be getting too bored.

When everyone rushing to buy iPhone 5S waiting for weeks, I rather try out the iPhone 5C at least I can walk from the store with a new phone:)

August 27, 2013

iPhone5 Bike Mount

Got an iPhone 5? Congratulations! You have in your hand one of most sophisticated, classy and elusive smart phone device of all times. For anybody, an iPhone is a prized possession which is cool to show off, easy to use and opens a whole new world of possibilities in terms of handheld personal computing. The app store makes available a wide range of applications to achieve almost anything on your fingertips. However, the most brilliant feature of iPhone 5 is its design. The smooth curved body with premium materials used for its construction appeals to both sexes alike. It’s a pleasure to hold in hands and keep in pockets.

 It's a mean world out there!

 Although Apple has made strides in making iPhone 5 a durable gadget, the world out there is mean and rough. Due to the delicacy of design and the inherent nature of materials like Aluminum, your beauty is in for a tough time. This is especially true if you are into adventure sports like cycling or are a frequent bike rider. The fear of drops, weather conditions, dust, moisture etc is always there and the phone needs to be protected from these. Agreed, Apple does a marvelous job when it comes to providing customer services, but it's always preferable to not having to resort to that in the first place.

 Some Armor for the Road Warriors

 There are many cases and covers available in the market to cope up with these situations, however, to find the right one for your needs is a tough job to do. Fortunately, there are some well established players who offer decent quality solutions for these types of customers. 2 major varieties of cases exists in market for carrying iPhone securely while biking or traveling over 2 wheelers in general which cater to the needs of different audience.

 iPhone 5 Bicycle Bike Mount Cases with Zipper Pouch Stand Holders

 These cases are made up of a sturdy grip made of powder coated metal that is attached to the bike handle and on the top of it a Zipper pouch is mounted that actually holds the case. This arrangement basically seals the phone completely and is very useful for extreme weather conditions. The upper lid is made of transparent material which lets you view your iPhone. These covers are made waterproof, although not for direct immersion, for handling heavy rains and can be rotated 360 degrees for providing the right view of your prized possession.

iPhone 5 Bike Handlebar Mount Holder Cradle Hard Case

 These cases feature the same metal grip for holding on the handlebar, however, the upper body is made up of polycarbonate or some other kinds of durable plastic with open front making the phone dust and shock proof. The case provides full access to the phone's display and the case body can be detached from the metal grip instantly making it a carry case that you can keep with you. Due to choice of material used, these cases tend to be more expensive however; you do get the sexy look advantage with it.

So, which one is for you?

Well, the cases are designed for different needs really and personally, I would keep both of them with me to have that feeling of safety in my heart. The first type of case is geared towards protection, especially during rainy days and less on functionality on the go. The second type of case is more useful when you want to use the phone while riding, making use of GPS perhaps, or listening to some music. It’s a must to have a case for both situations, keeping your phone safe all the time. Agreed, it costs money but so did your iPhone 5 and the priceless data on it.

So don't take chances, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep the cases with you and extend the life of companionship with your iPhone 5 to many more years.


July 23, 2013

iPhone 5 Wallet Case

Did you finally manage to get your hands on your iPhone 5? That's great!  But after paying tons for your swanky new iPhone, you just cannot expose it to all the hazards around you. So what do you think can be your ultimate weapon to protect your beloved gadget?

An ideal option would be an iPhone cover that saves your iPhone from all the external dangers while making it look good. But with so many cover cases available, deciding on the iPhone Cover that suits your phone can be another ordeal in itself. However there is one option that is bound to make you happy with its performance. It is the wallet case for iPhone.

Why not combine both iPhone case + Wallet? What are the advantages?

• iPhone Wallet Case Carries Just Everything You Need

The best thing about wallet case for iPhone is that you can be carrying just one case in your hand but still have everything that you need. So with the wallet case you not need carry your bulky wallet everywhere with you. You can definitely place your phone in it. Apart from that, it conveniently stores your credit cards, ID cards and even money. With so many things to trouble you, this is just one thing less to worry about!

Offer Better Protection than a Standard Case Cover

Probably the main concern you might be having is protecting your phone. iPhone wallet case does that effectively. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting scratch marks or even cracks that might appear due to improper handling. Most Wallet iPhone cases are in flip style, made by thicker material that gives more shock resistant, it also covers both back and front of the iPhone make it a better protection than just a standard hard plastic cover.

• Aesthetic Appeal Wallet

After spending a major chunk of your money on the iPhone, the last thing you want is to cover its beauty with a regular phone case. You would definitely want to flaunt your latest beauty. A regular phone cover will probably just take away all the glamor from your phone. But iPhone wallet case does not make you compromise with the look of your phone. It allows you to make your phone look stylish while protecting it.

<<Check out our wallet style iPhone Cases & Cover now>>

June 14, 2013

iPhone 5 Jacket:)

Need a Sleeve Pouch for Winter Season?

They say accessories make the outfit. From hair bows to anklets what you put on with your clothes is as important as the cloths you wear. You match your Jacket to your shoes so why wouldn't you want to match your phone to your Jacket.

There are many types of cell phone cases and covers. You have pouches, sleeves, folding cases and even armored cases. Each has strengths that make it more suitable for one environment or use than another and all say something about the person who chooses them.

iPhone 5 Jackets

These are a more recent entry into the fashion lines of iPhone covers and I have to admit I am very fond of them. They look like little winter jackets and just to be blunt about it I think they are adorable.

Don’t let their cuteness fool you though these are very well thought out and functional designs. The sleeves snap together making it possible to secure your iPhone in any number of locations including your hands. This means no drops with cold or gloved hands. They come with lanyards that make it possible to secure your iPhone to your clothes or hang it around your neck and even the padding is functional.

Most people don't realise that cold temperatures shorten battery life. The padding in the iPhone jackets helps fight this problem by supplying insulation against the cold as well adding shock absorption to help protect your phone.

If you not already have one, order one today.

Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

LifeProof Case

iPhone, the ultimate gadget for tech lovers

When you invest in an iPhone,  you not only buy a gorgeous device, but you also buy lots of attention, style and lets face it, envy of other people. It's one gadget that every enthusiast worth his salt wants to have. And after you have possessed it, the first thing that comes to mind is how to keep this beauty safe from rough hands of time. Believe it or not, one time or the other your phone will slip beautifully through your hands and hit something that will cause more dents in your heart than on its own body. That is why investing in a good protective case is very important. 

But It's made of premium material, isn't it?

True. iPhones are made of not premium but super premium materials and the recent models are even more sturdy with their aluminum build. However, the material is not drop proof or water proof. A simple drop can give your beautiful device a bad looking scar on its body or can cause chipping of the silver lining on its sides. Let's not even talk about water here, it's too scary.

So Which case to buy? there are so many options!

The Market is full of options, some bad, some good when it comes to iPhone Cases. Some provide protection against shock, some against water but the real protection can be ensured when the case protects your device from all environmental hazards like shock, dust, water and even snow. 

Make your phone LifeProof

Keeping these requirements in mind, we have designed our LifeProof family of cases for iPhone which, true to their name, make your device "Life Proof". These cases provide protection against :

  1. Water : Your iPhone will survive in 2m deep water for up to a whopping 30 minutes
  2. Dirt : These cases are fully sealed, nothing apart from air can enter inside these tough guys.
  3. Snow: Due the special seal packing, even the melting snow will drift off your iPhone without causing any damage.
  4. and last by not least, Drops : Your precious gem will be able to sustain shocks resulting from drops from up to 2m in height.

Don't stop getting impressed, there is more!

The LifeProof iPhone cases are made of thinnest, lightest and sturdiest material possible and don't add much to the weight of the device. The material also provides tighter grip over the phone's body reducing accidental drops to a very good extent. Most importantly, you will not loose the sleek design of your phone with the appealing design aesthetics of these cases, and the window at the rear shows off your Apple logo to those envy eyes. There is also specially designed acoustic and optic technologies to provide no compromise access to the great sound and fabulous camera of your iPhone. 

So what are you waiting for, go get one

The LifeProof cases are available in both black and white colors to suite your needs perfectly. No matter which color you buy, you will get the same exceptional quality in a price that has no comparisons whatsoever. Don't just believe our words, try it!

April 07, 2013

Cases & Covers

iPhone Cases Set In

In the advent of super technology in mobile telephony, a lot is changing at speed of light. Get out of the market with the best iPhone and in a fraction of a time it’s less fashionable or maybe even less costly should you reconsider dispose.

Keeping trendy through fashion Cases & Covers

Keeping trend is becoming exceedingly competitive, the competition edge is eluding definition at an alarming rate. So how do we stay afloat of these momentous times? Changing phones every often may be difficult if not impractical.

Cases covers are setting in just on time as the saying goes that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Simply change the iPhone case and you get extraordinarily different taste. The covers change aspects of color, styles and texture to mention a few.

Cases add style and one’s theme

Our styles are embedded in colour, designs, texture, seasons and so on. Keep different iphone covers just in case you need to reflect different themes at different times.

Our styles reflect our personalities and mirror our tastes. Style of a basketball fun may taste sour to a footballer if their styles are more of basketball life and vice versa. We can achieve our desired styles by simply choosing iphone covers that reflect those tastes.

A footballer may choose a cover with football players, team slogans and so on.  A swimmer on the hand may simply identify with the swimming game. These styles and tastes are easily achievable through changing iphone covers.

Speckled tastes satisfied through iPhone cases

The iphone manufacturers cannot easily accommodate the varied tastes of their customers. Many forces diversify their markets making it exceedingly hard to quench this thirst. The iphone covers seals the flaws stunningly.

For instance, I can order for a case that eases grip, appease my style, and also jealously protect my valued iphone.

Aesthetic value addition

Exceptionality is value to many. Walking the streets or restaurant aisles and seeing everyone holding a handset that resembles yours may not appeal to everybody. Also, the moderate designs that come with iPhones may not fascinate all.

The cases inject good aesthetic value on our iPhones. The aestheticism may be expressed as variedly as desired through buying different cases that meet our own demands.


While we are extremely aware that our gadgets may not last at least our lifetime, we wish to have them last as long as possible. The iPhone cases help to improve some level of cushioning incases of accidental drops or hit against hard objects.

The cases are cheaper and replaceable, and they should bear immediate wear and tear before the iphone itself. The covers provide grander protection almost all times the covers are on.

Cases make your grip easier

Ever dropped an iphone accidentally? Well, many reasons could have caused that although we cannot eliminate the slippery nature of the iphones at 100%, can we?

Most iphone may have fallen due to lack of good grip and their smooth finish nature than thought. These are remarks of an online iphone vendor. The iphone cases improve their texture and thus easing grip. Checking through the available cases in the market reveals different textures.

The materials used in making the covers of all iPhones may not be the ones that are easy to hold. Some appear smooth, but the material used as their finishing promote easy grip. Since not all phones come in easy grip covers, consider adding ease grip cases.

Save your phone from scratches

Accidental scratches are inevitable on phones. Storing phones in exclusive packs may not be achieved easily across board. Phones are mainly kept in bag packs, cloth pockets among other places where other stuff are as well stored.

Keeping phones with coins, keys, nail clips and other accessories increases the chances of having those items scratch them. Exclusively storing the devices is also not easy to achieve and as such consider using iphone cases to prevent scratches and keep your phone having the polished smooth surface.

September 18, 2012

iPhone 5 Case ›

iPhone 5 Cases

So you bought your new iPhone 5, it's time to buy a new iPhone case to protect your iPhone, but would the change in size of the iPhone 5 also changes your criteria of choosing a different type of case cover that more suitable for iPhone 5?

Flip Style iPhone 5 Cases

The Vertical Flip Style Case for iPhone 5 will have a longer flip cover, but for those who love to have the iPhone screen covered and to have their cards storing inside the flip cover may still love to keep the flip style case for daily convenience. Horizontal Flip Style case for iPhone 5 (book style) would also be a good option if you like the flip style.

Snap-on iPhone 5 Cases

For those seriously want a quick access to their iPhone 5, without having to flip the cover over may like to consider the snap on case, it is a iPhone case that generally covers the back and the sides of the iPhone, plus a add-on a screen protector your iPhone is almost 100% covered from scratch and dust.  However when getting into shock resistant, Flip Style Case is still considered to have a better protection for your iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Hard Case vs Soft Cases

If you wish have both shock resistant and easy access to your iPhone 5, I would suggest to look into a soft case cover which material is easy to grab on such as Silicon iPhone Case, Silicone is one of the very popular used material made of soft elastic rubber and is comparatively shock resistant than the hard plastic, easier to grip reduces the chances of accidently drop or slip off your iPhone 5, plus the shock resistant will be a bonus protection, but bear in mind the iPhone 5 LCD screen is still not protected from shock, this could be a reason for some also prefer buy a iPhone pouch bag to complete the protection.

Perfect iPhone 5 Cases

There maybe no single perfect iPhone case that satisfy all needs, keep a couple of iPhone 5 cases with you would be so far the best solution just in case to suits different conditions such as indoor, outdoor, casual, business, party ..etc  Not only to match your need accordingly, switching the design and colour of your iPhone 5 case from time to time help to keep your mind refresh and often delight your day.