iPhone5 Bike Mount

Got an iPhone 5? Congratulations! You have in your hand one of most sophisticated, classy and elusive smart phone device of all times. For anybody, an iPhone is a prized possession which is cool to show off, easy to use and opens a whole new world of possibilities in terms of handheld personal computing. The app store makes available a wide range of applications to achieve almost anything on your fingertips. However, the most brilliant feature of iPhone 5 is its design. The smooth curved body with premium materials used for its construction appeals to both sexes alike. It’s a pleasure to hold in hands and keep in pockets.

 It's a mean world out there!

 Although Apple has made strides in making iPhone 5 a durable gadget, the world out there is mean and rough. Due to the delicacy of design and the inherent nature of materials like Aluminum, your beauty is in for a tough time. This is especially true if you are into adventure sports like cycling or are a frequent bike rider. The fear of drops, weather conditions, dust, moisture etc is always there and the phone needs to be protected from these. Agreed, Apple does a marvelous job when it comes to providing customer services, but it's always preferable to not having to resort to that in the first place.

 Some Armor for the Road Warriors

 There are many cases and covers available in the market to cope up with these situations, however, to find the right one for your needs is a tough job to do. Fortunately, there are some well established players who offer decent quality solutions for these types of customers. 2 major varieties of cases exists in market for carrying iPhone securely while biking or traveling over 2 wheelers in general which cater to the needs of different audience.

 iPhone 5 Bicycle Bike Mount Cases with Zipper Pouch Stand Holders

 These cases are made up of a sturdy grip made of powder coated metal that is attached to the bike handle and on the top of it a Zipper pouch is mounted that actually holds the case. This arrangement basically seals the phone completely and is very useful for extreme weather conditions. The upper lid is made of transparent material which lets you view your iPhone. These covers are made waterproof, although not for direct immersion, for handling heavy rains and can be rotated 360 degrees for providing the right view of your prized possession.

iPhone 5 Bike Handlebar Mount Holder Cradle Hard Case

 These cases feature the same metal grip for holding on the handlebar, however, the upper body is made up of polycarbonate or some other kinds of durable plastic with open front making the phone dust and shock proof. The case provides full access to the phone's display and the case body can be detached from the metal grip instantly making it a carry case that you can keep with you. Due to choice of material used, these cases tend to be more expensive however; you do get the sexy look advantage with it.

So, which one is for you?

Well, the cases are designed for different needs really and personally, I would keep both of them with me to have that feeling of safety in my heart. The first type of case is geared towards protection, especially during rainy days and less on functionality on the go. The second type of case is more useful when you want to use the phone while riding, making use of GPS perhaps, or listening to some music. It’s a must to have a case for both situations, keeping your phone safe all the time. Agreed, it costs money but so did your iPhone 5 and the priceless data on it.

So don't take chances, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep the cases with you and extend the life of companionship with your iPhone 5 to many more years.