Tempered Glass vs Plastic Film


If you're like me you probably drop your phone a lot. This leads to scratches, which interfere with visibility on your phone as well as ruining it's clean look. Even worse it can lead to cracks, which can grow and eventually make your phone unusable. Not only will you not be able to see anything on a phone full of cracks and scratches but your touch screen feature will be virtually useless. So, just in case, it's best to invest in a screen protector. However, should you go with plastic or tempered glass? Let's look at some pros and cons.



When it comes to price there's no question that plastic is the best way to go. Tempered glass screens can cost as much $40 or more depending on what brand you shop with. However, you can find equally effective tempered glass screens online for as low as $15 and everything else in between. If price was the only factor plastic protectors would win by a landslide, however, keep in mind: you get what you pay for.



There's no question that tempered glass is the tougher alternative. It doesn't scratch as easily as plastic screen, nor does bend or break under pressure. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass screens are treated in such a way that they shatter, crack, and scratch resistant. There's no question which screen protector will last longer. Tempered glass wins overwhelmingly. So you'll actually find that you may even be able to save in the long run by going with tempered glass, since you won't be needing a new one anytime soon.



It is universally known as fact that tempered glass screens are substantially easier to install than their plastic counter parts. If you're installing a plastic screen you'll need either a professional or someone who's done it a hundred times before. This is in part because of how the plastic bends and stretches during the application process, with tempered glass you'll find that it pops right on. The only catch is you may have to make sure that the tempered glass screen you buy is designed for your model of phone. This is information is usually available with the manufacturer.



With Tempered glass you'll find that visibility is far better than it is with plastic screen protectors. Glass transmits lie more efficiently for a clearer, smoother appearance. It also carries anti-glare properties making it easier to see outsider when the sun is shining. It also comes with a special coating that reduces the amount of fingerprints you'll leave so while you still have to clean it before you install it, you won't find it dirty again nearly as quickly as you will with practice.



Finally most users report that with plastic screens you can literally feel the difference. Most screens on the newer phones come with some kind of scratch resistant glass so when put plastic over it you can feel the difference. To maintain that same feel you can use a tempered glass screen and the way your fingers slide smoothly and naturally across its surface you won't even be able to tell the difference from the original screen. '


As you can see the price is a little higher on tempered glass protectors, but the investment is more than worth it.

Alan Perez
Alan Perez