Does colour matter?

Do you find yourself having trouble deciding what color phone you want?? The easy choice used to be Apple's iPhone. One color, no options, a great device that did not burden its consumers with the "color" question. Well unfortunately for some that is no longer the case. With the recent release of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C consumers of the popular devices now must make that dreaded color choice and be stuck with it for the length of their new contract. 

The early returns on the color choice statistics have revealed a surprising and remarkable trend. In a study performed by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) it has been discovered that the selection of the various color options is largely divided along gender lines. The results indicate that for the iPhone 5s men overwhelmingly choose the flat Gray color scheme while women were more likely to choose the silver option. Likewise with the iphone 5c men primarily choose the blue and white options while women snapped up the pink version wherever possible. The study also indicated that the gold variant was equally chosen amongst men and women. Unsurprisingly the least popular color was the bright yellow as its garish appearance looks like it belongs on a sports car rather than an electronic device.

Of course all this leads to another question which is, do the different color schemes help the overall customer experience? With associated with choosing a device that needs to be kept for two years before eligible for an upgrade, does the added choice of picking a color help or hinder the process? In addition we must wonder whether the color of the device even matters at all. Considering the increasing cost of these devices and others like it no one uses them without some sort of case to protect the device. The added protection of a case is absolutely essential and allows the device user to express their creativity and uniqueness in their choice of case. Most iPhone users are interested in having multiple cases and protective sleeves that can be fit to whatever situation they may be in at a given time. 

There are many types of cases for all different circumstances that can be used and this flexibility is what many users enjoy. One type of case gaining increasing popularity is theme cases from various movies and games as well as designer cases for those with more expensive taste. Some cases are intended for extreme environments with some even adding features to the phone such as water and dust proofing and extended hardiness for those that use their phones in harsh situations. This has been a particular bonus for those that work on construction sites and other work places where sensitive electronics could not be used. Some more recent developments in the case technology has also improve battery life with cases that have built in extra battery and solar charges. 

On the whole it is fairly obvious that in today's mobile device world the color of the phone really not as important as cases are used to not only improve style but even adds some features to the phones they cover, take a look at our line of cases and with a small investment customize your iPhone just as you like it. 

Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui