iPhone 5C Cases

So there are rumors of iPhone 5C is coming out soon, if so, are you planning to get one?  I guess most of us would really depend on what new features will the iPhone 5C have compare with other smartphones out of the market.  Unlike 10 years ago, it is not a time that only we budget for a mobile phone, we also have consider buying some accessories. What sort of iPhone 5C accessories would you like to have with your iPhone 5C?  What about an iPhone 5C Case Cover?

Case for iPhone 5C

No doubt there are many people love having a trendy design of case cover to protect their iPhone. Although this time the appearance of iPhone 5 and 5C does not look the same anymore provided the above picture is the real iPhone 5C, it looks like both iPhone 5 and 5C still has very similar size.  Imagine if the back of iPhone 5C is covered and without a closer second look it will rather hard for people to figure out whether it is iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C that you are holding. The housing back plate of iPhone 5C looks like it was made of plastic, it does not look as attractive as iPhone 5, so if I'm getting iPhone 5C surely I want something to cover my iPhone 5C nicely and more stunning and unique.  We will be soon to source some iPhone 5C accessories, your comments & suggestions are welcome.



Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui