Time to buy iPhone 5C

August 11, 2013

Last week I accidentally dropped my iPhone 4 and the back plate was badly cracked, normally I do use case cover to protect my iPhone except that day..what a lesson reminding me the importance of having a case cover protection.  When I check my phone luckily it still function pretty well, so thanks to Apple.

Time flies my iPhone 4 is turning up three years old and I'm still very happy with it, it could be so far the best investment among the phones that I have had in the past. I guess depends on what you were looking for, iPhone 4 may not function as fast as like the 4S & iPhone 5 today, but surely it has everything I need for and that's why I was not urge to upgrade to iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. But this time due the cracks giving myself a good excuse finally to look forward of getting the new iPhone 5C, hopefully will release soon.  When it's time to change, change:)

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