iPad Mini Cases

At MYCASE we now offer iPad Mini cases in addition to our offering of the classic iPad cases. When choosing an case cover for iPad Mini, there are a number of factors to consider, including the functional needs of the case, the color and fabric, the binding, and external features. There are iPad Mini cases available at all price points with all of these features; the trick for users is to spend time researching to find the right case.

Functional Needs 

IPad Mini cases come as sleeves, for example. Someone who purchases a sleeve iPad Mini case is simply looking for something to protect the outside and screen from being scratched or getting too dirty, which affects how well the touchscreen work. Sleeves are inexpensive and simple, and they work in many cases. There are additional functional uses for iPad Mini cases, however, that are better in other situations. Heavy-duty cases are rubberized and will protect the iPad Mini from falls or even banging the device against something. These cases work very well for small children or for people who may use their iPad Mini in a dangerous work environments.

One of the newer innovations in the world of tablet cases also is one of the most convenient. This case often is called a stand-up case. It covers the iPad Mini and closes well for easy portability, but the case can open with a small pull outs and that will allow the iPad Mini to be propped up. This type of functionality is amazing for people who play music, watch videos, or otherwise want to sit down and be able to see their device without touching it.

Color, Pattern, and Fabric

Early iPad cases were made of a faux leather material, which looks more businesslike for most white collar workers, but today's iPad cases come in a large variety of fabrics and colors. Some are soft leather while others may be made of a nylon type material. There are even cases that are made of softer cotton-like materials. The color options run the spectrum from classic black to leopard print and everything in between. When you are shopping for an iPad Mini case, which ex carries, you should be able to find a number of choices of color and pattern that speak to you.


Another factor to consider when purchasing an iPad Mini case is how the case binds together. When thinking about this part of the case, it is most important to consider how you will transport your iPad Mini. Some cases have only Velcro straps for binding while the most basic iPad Mini cases simply include elastic bands around the corners of the tablet and then close like a book. If you will keep your iPad Mini at home most of the time, then this type of binding is sufficient to protect it from basic daily used. If you intend to take your iPad Mini out of the house often, such as on public transportation during your commute or back and forth to school or work with you, look for a binding that provides a bit more protection. Zippered bindings obviously will keep the iPad Mini inside the case, but be sure to look for a zipper that is sturdy and will not break. Buttons, clasps, or a large number of tabs protecting the case can provide a bit more protection as well.

In addition to binding, consider if there are pockets or clasps on the outside of the iPad Mini case. Some cases come with external pockets that will allow you to put a pen, calculator, or other small device into the case. If you use your iPad Mini for work or school and often carry only the iPad Mini with you, definitely keep an eye out for an iPad Mini case that has one of these nifty  little pockets because they can make it easier to carry only one item out with you. The number of iPad Mini cases available on the market is staggering, and at LAX, we carry many of them in stock. Don't get overwhelmed. Take your time and do your research but be sure that you choose a case that will work for you.

Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui