What makes the best iPhone 6 case?

Everyone has their own definition of "best iPhone 6 case". This time the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has increased its size with a larger screen and a slimmer phone, this seem to satisfy at the a lot more people who spend more time using their smartphone nowadays, but does the size of the iPhone 6 matters that would change your mind on selecting a case cover differently? It is hard to put iPhone 6 fit into your jean's pocket, unless you normally place your iPhone 6 in your bag, a very slim case must needed for someone who doesn't use bag as much. So here are some suggestions of what you should consider of getting the right iPhone 6 Case.

Wallet Style iPhone case is very convenient way to had your phone and wallet all in one place. Wallet case for your iPhone 6 or 6 plus, the pros is you can hold little more cards and notes than before as the size of wallet slightly larger, but the cons is the wallet also increased its size & weight it's more heavy and bulky. If you want your wallet and iPhone all in one place & put into your bag, then wallet case could be a great choice, if you want more flexible not giving the iPhone 6 too much weight and size, slim hard case is rather a better choice.

iPhone 6 Slim case is also one of the popular choice, not only the price is rather cheaper than some of the leather wallet case, some slim cover even as slim as only 0.3-0.4mm, keeping the iPhone 6 original slim perfect outlook, weighted only 6-8g added on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sure will keep your iPhone light and well protected.

Keep in mind that the slim case do the basic job that protects from dust and scratches, this kind of thin layer cover has low or no shock resistant, so for case cover that provide good shock resistant, you should go for some case made by silicone and TPU gel material, although it is thicker than standard slim case but it's material is more elastic that generates far more shock absorption from dropping on floor or high impacts.

Sure there are a lot more styles of protection case available in the market like skin stickers and cases that cover both front & back of the iPhone 6 which we will not mention all right now. There may be yet to have a perfect case cover launching in the future, we always recommend to had at least 2 cases with you that you can switch between cases according your occasion & environment and needs that what make iPhone 6 case the best, giving you a peace of mind is always the key.

Jennifer Chui
Jennifer Chui