iPhone 5 Jacket:)

Need a Sleeve Pouch for Winter Season?

They say accessories make the outfit. From hair bows to anklets what you put on with your clothes is as important as the cloths you wear. You match your Jacket to your shoes so why wouldn't you want to match your phone to your Jacket.

There are many types of cell phone cases and covers. You have pouches, sleeves, folding cases and even armored cases. Each has strengths that make it more suitable for one environment or use than another and all say something about the person who chooses them.

iPhone 5 Jackets

These are a more recent entry into the fashion lines of iPhone covers and I have to admit I am very fond of them. They look like little winter jackets and just to be blunt about it I think they are adorable.

Don’t let their cuteness fool you though these are very well thought out and functional designs. The sleeves snap together making it possible to secure your iPhone in any number of locations including your hands. This means no drops with cold or gloved hands. They come with lanyards that make it possible to secure your iPhone to your clothes or hang it around your neck and even the padding is functional.

Most people don't realise that cold temperatures shorten battery life. The padding in the iPhone jackets helps fight this problem by supplying insulation against the cold as well adding shock absorption to help protect your phone.

If you not already have one, order one today.

Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S