LifeProof Case

iPhone, the ultimate gadget for tech lovers

When you invest in an iPhone,  you not only buy a gorgeous device, but you also buy lots of attention, style and lets face it, envy of other people. It's one gadget that every enthusiast worth his salt wants to have. And after you have possessed it, the first thing that comes to mind is how to keep this beauty safe from rough hands of time. Believe it or not, one time or the other your phone will slip beautifully through your hands and hit something that will cause more dents in your heart than on its own body. That is why investing in a good protective case is very important. 

But It's made of premium material, isn't it?

True. iPhones are made of not premium but super premium materials and the recent models are even more sturdy with their aluminum build. However, the material is not drop proof or water proof. A simple drop can give your beautiful device a bad looking scar on its body or can cause chipping of the silver lining on its sides. Let's not even talk about water here, it's too scary.

So Which case to buy? there are so many options!

The Market is full of options, some bad, some good when it comes to iPhone Cases. Some provide protection against shock, some against water but the real protection can be ensured when the case protects your device from all environmental hazards like shock, dust, water and even snow. 

Make your phone LifeProof

Keeping these requirements in mind, we have designed our LifeProof family of cases for iPhone which, true to their name, make your device "Life Proof". These cases provide protection against :

  1. Water : Your iPhone will survive in 2m deep water for up to a whopping 30 minutes
  2. Dirt : These cases are fully sealed, nothing apart from air can enter inside these tough guys.
  3. Snow: Due the special seal packing, even the melting snow will drift off your iPhone without causing any damage.
  4. and last by not least, Drops : Your precious gem will be able to sustain shocks resulting from drops from up to 2m in height.

Don't stop getting impressed, there is more!

The LifeProof iPhone cases are made of thinnest, lightest and sturdiest material possible and don't add much to the weight of the device. The material also provides tighter grip over the phone's body reducing accidental drops to a very good extent. Most importantly, you will not loose the sleek design of your phone with the appealing design aesthetics of these cases, and the window at the rear shows off your Apple logo to those envy eyes. There is also specially designed acoustic and optic technologies to provide no compromise access to the great sound and fabulous camera of your iPhone. 

So what are you waiting for, go get one

The LifeProof cases are available in both black and white colors to suite your needs perfectly. No matter which color you buy, you will get the same exceptional quality in a price that has no comparisons whatsoever. Don't just believe our words, try it!